New Platform: Mastodon

You can now write, publish, and schedule Mastodon drafts.

This is the third platform supported in Typefully, after 𝕏 and LinkedIn. However, what makes this update particularly important is that it includes a complete revamp of Typefully's editor and core functionality, paving the way to add more platforms soon.

Mastodon support, just like LinkedIn, is part of our Creator plan.

Create LinkedIn Drafts

Typefully allows you to publish on 𝕏 / Twitter and LinkedIn, but until now you had to always create an 𝕏 draft first, and then also pick LinkedIn as a destination.

You can now directly create a LinkedIn draft by clicking on the new drop-down menu in the "New draft" button.

You need to be at least on the Creator plan to connect a LinkedIn account.

Emojify Your Posts with AI

As you may know, Typefully has a smart AI assistant called Vesper with a variety of rewrite modes. You can click on the ✨ icon on your posts or press Command + J (or Ctrl + J on Windows) to open it.

We've added new commands to quickly add emoji to your posts, so you can save a few minutes. Just search for "emoji" on Vesper to try them.

Tags and Metadata

Typefully has added new ways to organize and enrich your drafts. Now you can add tags, internal titles, and even write in a scratchpad for each draft.

Tags are part of the Creator plan. You can also easily filter and search drafts by tag via theCommand Bar - which you can invoke via the usual Ctrl/Cmd+K shortcut.

Download Analytics Data as CSV

If you're on the Creator plan or higher, you can now download data from any Analytics chart as a CSV file.

This new feature empowers creators to analyze metrics more effectively and double down on their best performing content.

Boost your engagement with Auto-DMs

The wait is over. Today we're finally introducing Auto-DMs.

Easily create giveaways, send content to your community, and boost engagement on your tweets. Creators who tried the beta have gained hundreds of followers.

Auto-DMs are part of our Creator plan, and you can learn more about them in the Help Page.

To get started, click on the publish button on any draft and activate your first campaign.

New Mac App Shortcuts

We've added new keyboard shortcuts in our Mac app to make it easier to switch drafts and accounts.

  • Switch drafts with ⌘ βŒ₯ ← and ⌘ βŒ₯ β†’
  • Change account with ⌘ βŒ₯ ↓ and ⌘ βŒ₯ ↑

Discover more shortcuts on our help page.

Publish Standalone LinkedIn Posts

When we first introduced LinkedIn support, it was only in the form of cross-posting.

You can now write and publish standalone LinkedIn posts too, by simply disabling the Twitter version of your draft.

Extract Images from Links

Easily extract images from links in the text of your tweet.

This is especially useful for YouTube videos, as you can now show a nice preview attached to your tweet.

Thread Finisher Templates

Easily boost your thread's engagement by quoting the first tweet at the end.

You can now create as many templates as you want:

Tag Users in Photos

If a tweet contains pictures, click on "Tag People" under it to tag any user.

Users are notified when they're tagged in a picture, so it's a great way to mention users without taking up precious characters of your tweets.

Typefully for Mac

We've built a beautiful Mac app to help you focus on your content, without the distraction of your browser tabs.

You can download it here.


You can now create and post polls on Twitter via Typefully.

Conduct surveys, gather opinions, and get to know your audience better. Simply click on the new Polls option on any tweet to get started, and add up to four options.

Publish to LinkedIn

These days it's essential for creators to expand their audience reach beyond just Twitter.

One way to achieve this is by publishing content on LinkedIn to tap into a vast network of professionals and grow your audience faster.

With Typefully, it's easy to publish your content on LinkedIn.Β Connect your LinkedIn account and cross-post your tweet and threads on LinkedIn. That's it.

This new integration is part of our paid Creator plan.

Repurpose published posts

Creating a great content queue is much easier if you can tap into your published content.

It's now easy to repurpose your published posts: just click on "Pick" in an empty queue slot, and then check out the new "Repurpose published posts" tab.


Typefully now sends you email notifications about important activity on your account.

For example, you’ll be notified about:

πŸ’¬ New comments and replies
πŸ“† Newly published content (especially useful for teams)
πŸ”ƒ Engagement activities, like auto-retweets

You can find notifications in the in-app menu, and customize what you receive via email in the Notification settings.

What this means for teams

The new notifications give teammates more visibility on what gets published and when.

In the example below, Fabrizio enabled email notifications even for tweets and threads that are published on the Typefully account, which in part of a team.

Delete Multiple Drafts

Select and delete multiple drafts in the editor sidebar. This makes it much easier to clean up your drafts and remove old content.

Drag & Drop in the Queue

Easily rearrange your content schedule by dragging and dropping your tweets and threads.

You can drag any scheduled post in a free slot, or drag it over a different post to swap their orders. This is also a very convenient way to make space in your content queue for new content.

Vesper, your AI Writing Assistant

Vesper is a new smart AI writing partner inside Typefully that can:

  • Rewrite your tweets in different styles and correct mistakes
  • Give personalized tweet ideas
  • Continue writing when you're stuck
  • Give comments with feedback improve your tweets

It works right inside the editor you're familiar with:

Feeling stuck? πŸ’­

Ask Vesper for inspiration, and it will add more text for you:

Sometimes you feel like something is off πŸ€”

Ask Vesper for feedback πŸ’¬ β€” just like with a teammate, friend, or professional editor:

Don't know what to tweet? πŸ€”

Vesper will also look at your best tweets and give you personalized tweet and thread ideas πŸ’‘ based on them.

(this one is for current subscribers since we need analytics data, which is a paid feature)

Remove Link Previews

When you add links to your tweets in Typefully, automatic "Open Graph" previews are shown, just like on Twitter.

To remove a link preview, click the X button. You need to hover the link preview on desktop to see the remove button.


Share your drafts and let anyone leave comments for free inside Typefully.

Just select any text or click the new comment button under the current tweet you're editing to leave a comment. Share your draft to let anyone else leave comments as well.

Learn more on the Sharing & Commenting help page.

Remember Auto-Retweet & Auto-Plug

Set your preferred Auto-Retweet and Auto-Plug settings as defaults for your new drafts. Read more about these engagement tools in our help pages.

Writing Prompts

Tweeting consistently is very hard, but it's essential to grow an engaged audience.

Typefully makes it easy with Writing Prompts, a growing library of prompts and ideas to kickstart your writing process.

We've partnered up with Mattia Righetti to create this library of high-quality prompts, each coming with example tweets to take inspiration from.

To get started, click on "Writing Prompts" at the bottom of the editor on an empty draft.

Reply and quote tweets

Engaging with other users is essential for growth on Twitter.

Typefully now lets you:

  • Quote any tweet
  • Reply to any tweet
  • Continue old threads

Learn more about it in our help pages.

Automate Typefully with Zapier

Zapier lets you connect Typefully with thousands of different apps.

We're excited to integrate Typefully with Zapier to enable countless new workflows.

For example, you can use the new integration to:

  • Post a message to Slack anytime you publish a new tweet or thread
  • Create new drafts in Typefully from Google Docs
  • Add scheduled drafts to your calendar
  • Get an email every time a draft has been published

Read the help page to get started, and start automating your workflows with Typefully and Zapier.

You can find more examples of automations in the official Typefully page on Zapier.