New Community pages layout

Now with Figma’s new layout for Community pages, your resource can stand out amongst the rest.

Retiring Community Remixes

Users will no longer be able to publish remixed versions of other Community files.

Download Payout Statements in Community

Monthly payout statements are now available in your Community profile.

Autogenerated passwords (Professional & Organization plans)

Users on our Professional and Organization plans now have the option to use a password that's been autogenerated by Figma or manually create their own when setting a password on a file.

Password protection options (Enterprise plan)

Users can now use a password that's been autogenerated by Figma when setting a password on a file.

Little Big Updates season finale: 21 new updates!

The final week of LBU includes a number of updates to Figma’s design editor, our collaboration tools, and the prototyping experience.

Introducing FigJam, now with AI

Give your team jams a boost with 3 new AI features in FigJam.

Team and Workspace Default Modes

Now, workspace and team admins can set default modes for a variable collection. This allows new files within a workspace or team to open with the default variables modes set by the admin. (Enterprise plans only)

Updated Corner Radius UI

We updated the corner radius UI so that it's easier to bind a variable to each individual corner.

Workspace-level public link settings

Starting today, Org Admins on the Enterprise plan can set a public link sharing policy for Design and FigJam files at the workspace level.

Visual customization for workspaces

Org admins and workspace admins in Enterprise organizations can now make workspaces feel distinct with customized icons, header colors, and descriptions to orient their teams. (Enterprise plans only).

Collaborate on Figma or FigJam files directly in Zoom

Share Figma design files, edit FigJam files, and get feedback faster directly in Zoom.

New settings for managing billing

We’ve added two new settings that give admins more visibility and control over billing in Figma.

Little Big Updates Week 5: A few colorful updates to designing in Figma

Week 5 of LBU includes new ways to manipulate colors and glyphs in Figma.

iPhone 15 device frames and frame presets

iPhone 15 device frames and frame presets

Improvements to plugin and widget approvals

We’re introducing in-product workflows for requesting and approving plugins and widgets within Figma.

Little Big Updates Week 4: Visual improvements to how you work in Figma

Week 4 of LBU includes small tweaks to the visual experience of designing in Figma.

Little Big Updates Week 3: Fixes to make designing in Figma simpler

This week, LBU is all about simplifying how you design in Figma.

Collaborate on Figma or FigJam files - directly in Google Meet

No more tab switching, no more missed comments, and way more interaction and collaboration with your team.

Little Big Updates Week 2: New ways to collaborate visually in Figma and FigJam

In week 2 of Little Big Updates Weekly, we have a bunch of exciting new updates that will help you collaborate more creatively in Figma and FigJam.

Little Big Updates Week 1: Assets panel improvements

Our team's released assets panel improvements to help more users design consistently and efficiently with easier ways to search, browse, preview, and interact with the components you're looking for.

Recovery out of memory files with Recovery Mode

If your design file is at 100% of your memory limit upon open and you have editor permissions, you now have the option to recover your file by entering Recovery Mode.

Design faster with access to our new Community Libraries Beta

Our new Community Libraries Beta offers the building blocks you need to start designing, right at your fingertips.

Introducing Jambot, a new way to interact with ChatGPT right in FigJam

With Jambot, you can bring the power of ChatGPT directly into FigJam to help you spark a first draft and make progress faster.

Variables fast-follow updates

Variables was launched at our annual Config conference to help designers implement themes and tokens into their design systems.