Group roadmap by custom fields

You can now group roadmap prioritization items by custom post fields that are dropdown type! This is another way you can stay organized and visualize what's coming up for your team.

Not using custom post fields? Here are some ideas for fields you can group by:

  • Platform
  • Relevant product area
  • Relevant objective/initiative
  • Severity/priority

Post fields are available to teams on Canny Growth and above.

Vote priority

A vote alone is good signal that a customer wants a feature. However, it doesn't do a great job at communicating priority. When talking to customers, your team should try to get a good idea of how important a feature is to them. Is it just something nice to have or will they churn without it? Now, you can capture that additional signal in Canny.Learn more

Setting vote priority

To keep the signal to noise ratio as high as possible, only Canny admins can designate vote priority. To set a vote's priority, open the voters list from any post:

All votes are defaulted to "No priority". Simply select a different priority to track it.

Using vote priority

On a user's page, you'll be able to see which votes have what priority. This is very helpful information to have when talking to an existing customer about renewal or a prospect about an opportunity.

You can also see this information in Canny prioritization roadmaps. Start by going to your Score modal, and click on "Add new" to see the new options for user votes: nice to have, important, and must have.

From there, you'll see a new column with vote counts for each selected priority:

Enjoy! We hope this helps your team have a better understanding of your customers' needs.

This feature is available for teams on the Growth plan and above.

Public Changelog refresh

You may have noticed Canny Changelogs got a little refresh! We put the content front and center while tucking away filters.

Remember: you can always send your customers directly to a filtered changelog by adjusting the URL. Turn on the filters you'd like in your changelog to get the URL.

This is another step in our refresh of Canny feedback portals. More to come soon!

Hide vote counts

Showing vote counts are a good way to set expectations that a feature may or may not be built. As an end-user, it's easy to understand that a post with 200 votes is more likely to get built than a post with 10.

That said, there are cons to showing the vote count as well:

  • high vote counts might set unreasonable expectation that a feature will definitely be built
  • competitors can get an idea of what your customers are requesting

From your board settings, you'll now see an option to hide the vote count for posts on that board:

Here's what that will look like on the public board view:

On your public roadmap view, posts on boards with votes hidden will show up without the count:

This feature is available on the Growth plan and above!

Canny Discord community

Our community is now on Discord! Please join us to connect with our team and other Canny users. You'll find helpful Canny resources, sneak peeks at new features, live support, best practices, and a fun and supportive community. 

👉 Join now

Smart Replies

Canny's first AI-powered feature! Oftentimes, users will give feedback that doesn't include enough details or context. What's the use case? How can the bug be reproduced? Admins then need to go in and reply with clarifying questions.

With Smart Replies, within two hours after a post is created, Canny will automatically reply to collect more details:

Just head to your board settings to turn on Smart Replies. They are a board-specific setting so you'll need to turn this on for each board. In settings, you can specify an admin for the smart reply to come from. Alternatively, you can create a new admin account if you want the reply to come from a separate profile. Learn more

Available for teams on the Growth plan and above.

Canny Portal refresh

We've started to make incremental improvements to the Canny portal (public board view). We're aiming to improve usability and put feedback even more at the front and center. Stay tuned for more changes in the upcoming weeks.

Let us know if you have any feedback!

Save roadmap prioritization filters

As we continue to add more functionality to roadmap prioritization in Canny, it helps to be able to toggle between different views. Now, you can configure your filters and save it to go back to it later.

To get started, head to your admin Roadmap tab, and click on Filters:

Configure the filters to your liking and then click on "Create view". Name your view and click "Save view" at the bottom.

Now you'll have easy access to that set of saved filters!

Saved roadmap prioritization filters is available in all roadmaps.

Automatically add posts to roadmap prioritization

Our automation features now support automatically adding posts to a roadmap. You can narrow it down to a specific board and/or specific keywords. Head to your automation settings to set this up.

Automation is available to teams on the Growth plan and above.

Custom admin roles

By default, Canny comes with three defined admin roles and permissions (Owner, Manager, and Contributor). Now, you can create custom roles for your team and define specific permissions for them. Simply head to your admin roles settings to configure your new roles.

This feature is available to all customers on the Canny Business plan. Reach out to our team if you're interested in upgrading!